The Three R’s

Burt the Binman would like everyone to help save the planet by following the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle. Watch the video and click the links below to learn more about each one and see how you and your friends can get involved.

Why should we use the 3Rs? It’s not like we need to worry about what happens to our trash after we put it in the bin, right? Wrong! Think about how much you toss out each day. If you multiply that by the 6.7 billion people on our planet… That’s a lot of rubbish! Our landfills can only hold so much rubbish. If we keep producing so much waste, we’ll run out of room. Using the 3Rs will help us cut back the amount of waste we throw away.



Reducing means cutting down on the amount of rubbish that is made.



Reuse means using something again rather than throwing it out.



Recycling takes materials from items you’ve finished using and makes them into brand new products.