icon-reuseWhat is Reusing?

Reusing is taking old items that you might consider throwing away and finding a new use for them. Reusing helps in situations where it isn’t possible to reduce.

Here are ways you can reuse items to prevent trash from being created:

Donate clothes that no longer fit you

Instead of throwing away clothes that don’t fit, or that you don’t like anymore, give them to someone who will want them. Your friends may have younger brothers or sisters who would be able to fit things you’ve outgrown, or maybe your parents have friends with children who could use them. Even if you don’t know anyone who needs your old clothes, you could donate them to a consignment store or a charity so that your clothes will find a home.

Donate toys you no longer want

Just like with clothes, unwanted toys can be donated to charities or friends who could use them.

Reuse groceries bags

If your parents often bring home bags from the shopping, you can ask them to save them instead of throwing them away. Grocery bags can be used as trash bags for small bins instead of being thrown away. Or your parents could use them for next weeks trip to the shopping centre.

Have your parents use worn clothing as cleaning rags

For old clothes that may be too ripped or worn to give away, ask your parents to use those to clean up the house instead of buying cleaning rags. Old t-shirts work well for dusting.