Willswold is a captivating, charming and picturesque location that’s based on and inspired by the justifiably famous English seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk.

The name has been changed for both the the purposes of originality and more importantly to reflect that all the adventures of Burt the Binman were created and written by Fleur Bateman for her son William. Wills (now aged 9) has been fascinated by all things rubbish and recycling since he was 2 years old, and Burt is the realisation of the most powerful of childhood devotions, and Wills passionate insistence that ‘everybody should know how to recycle’.

Willswold is a very special place. So special in fact that everyone who visits experiences a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ in his or her tummy.

Maybe it’s the view of the lighthouse and the golden bay of sand as you drive gently down the hill into town? Maybe it’s the glorious pier, or the working harbour, or the higgledy-piggledy streets and houses? Maybe it’s the gaily-coloured strands of beach huts that adorn the promenade? Or maybe it’s the fact that the fuzzy feeling is telling you how wonderful it will be in Willswold – the nicest place in the whole wide world.