icon-recycleWhat is recycling?

Recycling is the most often advertised of the 3Rs, so it’s likely you’ve heard of it before. Recycling is changing old products into new ones so they can be resold. For example, when you place bottles and cans in your recycling bin to be recycled, they are taken to a plant where they can be reprocessed into many new things. They may be changed in to new bottles or cans, or they could be changed into things like bicycles or asphalt.

What can be recycled?

The most well-known recycled materials are glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum. Other recyclable materials include batteries, biodegradable waste (like plants and kitchen waste), concrete, electronics, ferrous metals (like steel and iron), textiles (materials like cotton), and timber.

What is the recycling loop?

The recycling loop describes the entire recycling process.

First, recycling starts when you or your parents separate materials to be recycled, like bottles and cans, in to the correct recycling bin.

Secondly, Binmen like Burt come to pick up the materials and take them to a processing plant where they are sorted and processed into raw materials
(or materials that can be used to make new items.)

Next, the materials from the plant are sold to manufacturers, or people who make the things you buy. These manufacturers make new items from them.

Finally, you or your parents buy items made from recycled materials, so the process can start all over again.