Proven Appeal

Children and adults already love Burt the Binman!

Fleur Bateman self-published the first book (then titled “Burt’s Day Off” in April 2014, and it has sold more than 2500 copies at local independents and several branches of WH Smith.

Fleur also had a Burt costume custom-made at the renowned Jellyhead London Studio. Thereafter, Burt (aka Fleur’s husband) visited numerous bookshops, schools, and libraries, and he was the main attraction at the Cambridgeshire Early Years Education Convention where Fleur was the guest speaker.

Wherever Burt has shown up, he has been a magnet for smiles, handshakes and attention all day long, as people instantly recognise and empathise with what he stands for: the positive message of kindness, co-operation, and care for our planet.

Companies such as Biffa, Schaefer, Amy Cespa and Dennis Eagle have sought after Burt for representation.

In addition, Darren Bykerk, Director at IG Media Animation Studios ( has created an animated short in order to pitch Burt the Binman as a television series to CBBC.

Burt the Binman has had copyright since 2010