Burt Scoops Award

Burt Scoops Award

WOW we only went and won the MRW National Recycling awards!

It was a dazzling night at the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane there was amazing food and wine and gorgeous gowns for the ladies and smart DJ’s for the men. Sadly William could not attend this event as it was adults only but Mum, Fleur and Dad, Paul went along of course with Burt the Binman to show that it is not always the huge multi million pound companies that win these awards, Burt the Binman won because the concept is real and organic and the pureness of its creation clearly touched the judges and the whole of the audience.

This is a huge Achievement for the team as we have worked so very hard over the last couple of years and William was clearly delighted to wake up and see the award next to his bed in the morning. ‘one of those moments as a parent you want to bottle and keep for ever’

All in all so far an exciting year BUT we still need that special
someone who believes in us and will invest to help make William’s dream come true, we want to create a full cartoon and finish Burt’s Recycle school website, we also NEED to get the next book out Burt and the Great storm, all these things cost so much money. We are working hard toward this and hope it will be very soon!