Burt The Binman

Hero & Binman
Name: Burt The Binman
Hometown: Suffolk
Collects: Anything and everything.  If something can be recycled or useful, in any way, then Burt has an uncanny ability to see this
Favourites: Shortbread, Bacon and sausage sandwiches
Likes: The seaside, willswold, nature, eco –issues, David Attenborough
Dislikes: Waste,  selfish mindless behaviour, cruelty to animals, destruction of the environment
Strengths: Kind, positive, mindful, sensible, calm under pressure, fair, just
Weaknesses: He doesn’t know when to stop helping, can’t say no

Burt the Binman is a superhero.

Not in the sense of a superhuman character who possesses otherworldly physical capabilities.

Burt’s superpowers are of a very different kind, but his influence is every bit as remarkable.

For Burt is an extraordinary environmental hero. An everyday champion of rubbish and recycling, whose raison d’etre is protection.  Because Burt understands that the correct disposal, treatment and transformation of waste in our all too careless, and throwaway world is a very, very big deal indeed.

His mantra could almost be the old fashioned ‘make-do and mend’ but Burt simultaneously has his mind firmly fixed on the environment- local, national, global and beyond.

Burt is able to make the most amazingly positive contribution because Burt is determinedly cognisant and protective of the most important things in life… starting with respect and love for the world in which he lives.

walkingburt2Burt has an incredible, innate ability to make things better. He makes people feel happy and he always leaves a place better than he finds it. And Burt is always smiling, and he always saves the day – just by knowing just whatever is needed to best resolve any situation.


Burt’s primary mission is to keep his hometown of Willswold as clean and as lovely as it can be.  In fact Willswold is representative of the kind, caring and responsible world that Burt would like everyone to live in. But, whilst this will be difficult to achieve, all of Burt’s beliefs and practices would be welcomed anywhere that recognises the importance of the values of gratitude, mindfulness, protection and responsibility.