Burt the Binman is a hero. Not a superhero with otherworldly physical capabilities, but an extraordinary environmental hero who is an everyday champion of rubbish collection and recycling. Burt’s mission is to make his seaside hometown of Willswold a cleaner and safer place. Along the way he teaches the people of Willswold how to care for their town and for the earth.
The recycling message is a powerful one for our times. Children are never too young to learn how to be environmentally responsible, and in each story Burt the Binman encourages that sense of responsibility, and teaches the readers how to help out in their own communities. Burt’s message is a local, national and global one. Burt the Binman has had copyright since 2010.

Burt’s primary mission is to keep his hometown of Willswold as clean and as lovely as it can be. Boris is the blue recycling lorry. He collects paper, cardboard, glass, tins and cans.

George is the green waste lorry. He collects the green and biodegradable waste.

Olly is the orange general waste lorry.  He collects all the rubbish that has yet to be meticulously sorted at the Willswold Rubbish and Recycling Yard.

Suzy is the pink road sweeper. She has powerful brushes that swiftly clean the streets and gutters.

Sidney looks out for trouble in Willswold, which makes him a really helpful bird.